Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals, families, and businesses with the highest level of tax, transaction, trust, estate planning, and litigation representation.

At RMP LLP we cherish the practice of law and know that our purpose is to serve. We strive for excellence in our professional performance as well as in our ethical standards.

O u r
L e a d e r s h i p

Lee Moore, Neal Pendergraft and Joseph Reece are the founding partners of RMP LLP. Together, these attorneys possess more than 85 years of combined tax, transaction, and trust and estate planning experience.

RMP LLP continues to grow  as a result of our dedicated service to the legal needs of individuals, families and businesses throughout the state of Arkansas.

Our Practice

RMP is committed to meeting the specialized legal needs that can arise in the wake of economic growth. The firm places a premium on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. In order to provide our clients with the best services possible, we offer a wide variety of client services organized by practice areas.

RMP advises our business clients with respect to the tax and corporate considerations in choosing and maintaining the client’s business structure.

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A t t o r n e y s

Our firm continues to grow with a team of incredibly talented legal professionals.

Disputes are inevitable in today’s world. However, in the right hands, litigation can be a powerful tool to resolve disputes.

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T e a m

The staff at RMP is one of the firm’s greatest assets. Our team members continually go above and beyond to ensure client needs and expectations are met.

Our History

With over one hundred years of combined practice in taxation, transaction matters, trust and estate planning, and litigation, RMP has the knowledge and experience necessary to offer its clients the highest quality of legal services.

From the agricultural richness of the delta through the deep southern timberlands, RMP not only acknowledges but honors the historical significance of our background. We continue to be shaped by the evolving needs of our clients and community, having a network of connections extending notably through our state capital, east to the delta, south to the timberlands and back up to the heart of the Ozarks. And while RMP’s expertise continues to be sought nationwide, our knowledge and appreciation of this great state remains constant. To the firm, Arkansas is another name for home.

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