Members of the RMP Litigation Team, led by Wendy Johnson and Chris Plumlee recently represented a client in  back-to-back, eight and six-week,  jury trials in Denver, Colorado. These trials involved 10 defendants who were charged with a conspiracy to fix prices and rig bids in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.  Each of the trials ended with the federal judge declaring a  mistrial after both juries were unable to reach a unanimous verdict. Ultimately, their relentless advocacy resulted in the charge against their client being dismissed with prejudice, restoring their client’s liberty and reputation in the community.

In recognition of Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Plumlee’s skill and dedication to their client throughout this case,  the RMP Litigation Team, along with attorneys for the four other defendants dismissed as a result of the second trial, were recently recognized as a “Litigator of the Week” by Litigation Daily, a national publication of the American Lawyer. When interviewed by Litigation Daily about the case, Mrs. Johnson, a former Assistant United States Attorney, stated, “United States government attorneys have one job, which at all times is to seek justice, not convictions. Government attorneys must have the courage, moral compass, and professionalism to do only that regardless of the length of the investigation, resources expended, or outside pressures. The citizens of the United States deserve nothing less.”

RMP is extremely fortunate to have attorneys like Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Plumlee and a talented and deep RMP Litigation Team, who represent their clients so well by embodying the essential qualities of zealous advocacy, integrity, and strong leadership.

Here is the link to the national pubication of The AmLaw Litigation Daily where Wendy Johnson and Chris Plumlee of RMP LLP and Barry Pollack of Kramer Levin were recognized as Litigators of the Week by The American Lawyer:


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