Business disputes are inevitable in today’s corporate world, and they bring with them a number of risks: financial losses, damaged reputation, and even government investigations or media scrutiny. In the right hands, however, litigation can be a powerful tool to resolve disputes while minimizing these risks and may even create new opportunities: the right case at the right time can advance important strategic business goals. While the risks may seem daunting, the rewards are often sizable, and that is why smart companies need experienced counsel when responding to or initiating commercial litigation.

Our focus is on achieving the most positive outcome for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. At each step, we evaluate the risks and rewards so clients can make an informed decision on how to proceed in litigation. From securing quick settlements to advising on complex, multiparty litigation, our clients trust us for favorable results that benefit their bottom line.

Our staff has experience in both state and Federal courts, but also utilizes mediation, arbitration and other proven methods of dispute resolution to help ensure a prompt, cost-effective and satisfactory resolution to client disputes. The firm also has extensive experience in the handling of appeals.

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